Airtel Digital TV Launches it High Definition DVR Today

Airtel digital tv HD Recorder

Airtel digital tv HD Recorder

Today Airtel Digital TV updated its Website with the package details of its new product a HD DVR that is a HD Set top box capable of recording content just like Tata Sky’s Tata Sky + HD.There is no official announcement of the launch of this product yet and we at Worldofdth are trying our best to get more information on this product as of now we know its pricing due to the update on the Airtel website.

Here Are the Features of the new HD Recorder:

1) 5X Picture clarity high defination Recording
2) 3D Capable
3) Dolby Digital5.1 Ch surround sound capable
4) Mobile recording
5) Internet Recording
6) Slow motion
7) Watch one channel record another(Dual Tuner)
8)  Pause
9) Rewind
10) Fast Forward
11) Series Recording
12) Recording Management
13) 550 Hours Storage Capacity

Airtel Digital TV HD-DVR entry offers:

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